Morten Augustinius


Singles released on Nobel Records (Independent record label, Oslo, Norway)

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"Far too often, we're leaving our veterans to fight their toughest battles alone," When the units returns home, many of the soldiers commit suicide.
(Music & lyrics by Morten Augustinius). Guitar and lap steel by Freddy Holm. Mixed by Ingar Helgesen & Morten Augustinius

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The Politician Man

«The Politician Man" is a pop song reflecting hope and "light in the end of the tunnel" in a world full of challenges.
(Music & lyrics by Morten Augustinius & Stein F. Bruland). The Politician Man is produced by the "sound-mogul" Ingar Helgesen & Morten Augustinius. On 12 string guitar plus lap steel is the eminent guitarist Freddy Holm. Morten sings lead vocal, plays guitars, bass and is programming the drums. Background vocals by. Elisabet Bruun Johnsen & Tonje Ingarsdotter Helgesen.

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«In a car driving to the airport to pick up his girlfriend, who he hasn't seen for more than a year. She sits in her window-seat, wondering if everything will be the same. ".Like it used to be, back home".
CALIFORNIA is a rewritten song based on an unreleased theme from Velocity Rotation "First Flight" (Music & lyrics by Morten Augustinius & Stein F. Bruland). Produced by Ingar Helgesen & Morten Augustinius.
Per Hillestad, Drums. Kjell Harald Litangen, guitars & Bass. Morten Augustinius, vocals & keyboards. Elisabet Bruun Johnsen, background vocals.

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