Bedlam Bells is loosely associated with the genre «Noir Pop». Subsequently moved through a range of influences including: acoustic alternative, big beat, reggea, triphop and lounge. Whatever the style, the characteristic mood of Bedlam Bells music, is evoked by Lereim's distinctive songwriting: lyrically direct and ambiguous. With «Siljas» energy, presence she enriches the vocals melodic and understated. Bedlam Bells has consisted of a large and fluid collective of musicians focused around its creative centre, PH Lereim and «Silja». Prior to album release, 3 singles has been released (see below). Release concert at Cosmepolite/Belleville Oslo Oct 16. 2015

Musicians on «BEDLAM BALLADS» (album) PH Lereim - Vocal/ Bass/ Guitars/ Keys/ Prog Silja - Vocal Tracee Lewis Meyn - Lead Vocals/ Backing-vocals Paolo Vinaccia - Drums/ Perc Hege Rimestad - Violin Kai Priddy - Guitar Erik Ljunggren - Bass Tommy Huseth - Guitars Antonio Torner - Drums/ Perc Tiago Mendes - Bass Bettina Flater - Flamenco Guitar Knut Hillersøy - Keyboards/Backing-vocals Oyvind Hansen - Drums Gisle Andersen - Bass Tine Asmundsen - Double Bass on “Swell" Paal Johansen - Backing Choir Pablo Alcayaga - Guitar Lucas og Aadne Huseth (Sølvguttene) - Choir Benth Sacky - Harmonica
Mastered by: Ingar Helgesen & Morten F. Augustinius (Coverart: Hanne Lereim, Nzinga Macedo, Morten Augustinius)
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